good for you. Good for the planet.

blox burger is closer than you think.

What is Blox?

a new way of eating.

100% plant based, tasty, healthy, versatile.

Blox is a tasty and healthy alternative to meat created by the best Chefs in Spain and it’s based on vegetables. In fact every 100g of Blox contains 75g of the best quality fresh vegetables, along with a unique combination of pea protein, fibre, olive oil and spices. Blox is high in protein and fiber, low in fat and zero cholesterol, and it naturally contains nutrients originating from the vegetables we use.
Discover the Blox burger range

possibly the world’s healthiest and most versatile 100% vegetable burger.

Created with care by the best Chefs in Spain. Every time you bite into a Blox burger you’ll be impressed at how delicious and satisfying it really is! International, BBQ and Iberian flavors. There’s nothing like Blox burger.
Our ready meals

enjoy delicious Blox ready meals!

100% plant based, allergen free, made with Blox.

Start cooking Blox today!

Have you enjoyed your first Blox meal yet?  What are you waiting for!


Blox Foods Mission

a new way to eat. good for you and good for the planet.

We believe in making delicious plant-based foods that are healthy and sustainable.

…find out how we’re becoming a global plant-based brand partnering with local agriculture to make a difference!

Why Blox?

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