Pizza Reggae Blox

Pizza Reggae Blox

"Our Reggae pizza, has red, green and gold colors and is easy to make.
It has fresh and tasty ingredients, such as BLOX, fresh peppers, onions and vegan cheese. Each slice has a fresh, tasty taste and a fresh atmosphere."

2 Servings
9 Ingredients
Blox Vegan Empanadas

Blox Vegan Empanadas

“Empanadas originated in Galicia, Spain in 1520, first appearing in a cookbook by Robert de Nola, the cook for King of Naples Ferdinand I. The name “Empanadas” means, to Empanar, ie. folding dough over a filling. Blox empanadas have a delicious filling of BLOX and juicy mediterranean vegetables, a taste that’s fit for any King or Queen! Great as a snack or meal”.

This recipe can be made with BLOX or BLOX burger international.

4 Servings
9 Ingredients
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