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It’s the end of the day. What to eat? How about a delicious blox burger?
Yes!! Or maybe try something new that’s tasty and easy? How about a delicious Blox spaghetti bolognese? Because if you’ve got Blox burger in your freezer you’ve got the base for 1000’s of meat free recipes. It’s a versatile, healthy, and easy way to cook up awesome plant based meals and snacks. For when and how you like it.

Blox is high in plant protein and fiber, and is made using fresh vegetables and healthy fats like olive oil. It is low in fat, 0% cholesterol, and less than 150 calories per 100g serving.

Tips for cooking BLOX (the mince) and Blox burger

1. BLOX (the mince) is a base ingredient you can use for 1000’s of meat free recipes.

We use it to make our delicous Blox burgers and ready meals. It’s tasty, has incredible texture and makes plant based cooking easy.
BLOX is so versatile. It’s easy to mix with other ingredients and make tasty, healthy, meat-free meals. Blox burgers (100g and 40g minis) are tasty vegan burgers which go well with lots of flavourful sauces. They contain little fat (because a lot of fat is not good for health) and loose only 2% of their dry weight during cooking. So you don’t lose food that you paid for before it reaches your plate.


2. Can I mix BLOX with other ingredients? Sure!

BLOX is sold frozen in 250g portions. It tastes great on its own or you can easily mix with other ingredients.

Remove from the freezer and dethaw at room temperature. If you’re short on time, defrost in the microwave until soft and then mix with other ingredients. Cook all ingredients prior to serving.

3. Cook directly from frozen!

You can cook BLOX and Blox burger directly from frozen. Before putting in the saucepan, oven or grill, first add oil to both sides to get the best results. (Because BLOX is made from vegetables the hot temperatures can dehydrate it. So first coating with a little oil can help lock in more flavour and texture).

Cooking time:

  • Frying pan: approximately 3.5 minutes, adding a little oil to the pan prior to cooking, Hob Setting 7/ 180º.
  • On the grill: approximately 4-5 minutos. Grill mark and microwave: This is a quick way to get a perfectly grilled burger in less time. First, mark both sides of your burger on the grill, then finish cooking for around 30 seconds on the high setting in the microwave.
  • Oven cooking: 5-6 minutos at 160º C.


It’s not meat!

There are 75 grams of fresh vegetables that go into making each 100 gram serving of BLOX. BLOX is low in fat and 0 cholesterol, high in sustainable plant protein and fibre, is less than 150g calories per serving and contains nutrients. 100% Plant based and vegan certified. It’s definitely not meat.

Good for you. Good for the planet.


Blox burger recipe

1.take your blox burger out of the freezer

If you want to cook in a pan go to step 2. If you want to grill, it’s important to let it rest for a few minutes before grilling. This will ensure an optimal cooking point and an unrivalled taste.

2. apply oil to both sides and cook (in a pan for 3.5 mins; or on the grill for approx 4 mins)

We recommend using an extra virgin olive oil and applying it on both sides of the vegetable burger. This will prevent blox from drying, neither will it stick to the grill.

To cook Blox burger you can mark both sides of the burger on the grill. Why not take the opportunity to melt some cheese on top during cooking!

3. prepare the bread base and assemble the blox burger.

In our demonstration burger we use lettuce and tomato to prepare the base of the bread. Do the same or put your favorite ingredients.

On top of the bread base put your Blox burger, onion and your favorite sauce. Remember that you can use the ingredients you like the most.

4. enjoy blox and save lives.

Now all you have left is to enjoy your Blox burger with the conviction that it is healthy, sustainable and that you are helping to save the planet.

(vegan recipes)

discover blox recipes

…and you’ll be cooking plant meals in a jiffy! They’re really delicious!

Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie

A delicious modern version of the traditional English cottage cake, but without meat. It is a delicious cake that is with BLOX and vegetables, full of protein, fiber and nutrients, plus it is fast and easy. An excellent option for those rainy days when you want to stay and relax at home. You can easily replace carrots and spinach with other frozen vegetables you can have in your freezer and season to your liking.

6 Servings
19 Ingredients
Blox Croquettes

Blox Croquettes

There are as many different types of croquettes possible with BLOX. This is one of our favorite recipes, stuffed with BLOX curry. Perfect with a delicacy, fast food or for your lunchbox. Serve with a vegan RAITA sauce (with mint, cucumber and yogurt)

This recipe can be cooked with BLOX or BLOX burger internationally.

4 Servings
11 Ingredients
Blox Classic Vegan Cannelloni

Blox Classic Vegan Cannelloni

This is a delicious cannelloni recipe made with BLOX. It's super easy and combines a delicious Italian-style BLOX filling wrapped and ready to enjoy in large pasta rolls with creamy bechamel sauce and fresh basil.

This recipe can be cooked with BLOX or BLOX burger internationally.

6 Servings
9 Ingredients

Blox is already in Spain

We are expanding now. If we aren’t in your city yet, ask your local store or restaurant to get in contact, or you can visit our shop! We’lll do the rest! Check us out!

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