Good for you. Good for the planet.

we believe in healthy living

At Blox we are guided by our mission to make delicious and healthy plant based food that’s good for you and good for the planet. In practice this means making food that’s not just delicious but also nourishing, and sourced, produced and delivered in a way that cares for you and the planet.

Making nourishing food

Our mission is to nourish consumers of all ages by making delicious, 100% natural, high quality plant-based food that is based on fresh vegetables. Nourishing food to us means offering consumers a source of energy, protein, fibre, healthy fat, and nutrients as part of a daily balanced diet. For this very reason Blox offers you a high plant protein, high fibre, low fat, 0 cholesterol, alternative to meat, and is naturally containing nutrients to help with your daily needs.

We also wanted to give consumers the reassurance of a 100% plant based food that is not heavily processed nor does it contain chemical or artificial ingredients or modified starches, allergens or gums.

Caring for the planet

Caring for the environment is central to our mission. We now know we need to act fast to reduce carbon emisiones and climate change. We also know that as temperatures increase and global population continues to grow, water is going to become more scarce. As a 100% plant based meat alternative we give consumers a viable alternative to eating meat to help reduce animal agriculture orginating carbon emissions. We focus on plant protein and fibre ingredients that are sustainable and water usage efficient. We have elected to be a local brand in markets where we operate to support local agriculture and minimalise the carbon footprint from transportation.
Furthermore we not use soybean ingredients or palm oil. Both are linked to destroying the trees of rainforests, forests, peatlands, and Savannah’s that are critical carbon sinks on the planet. We use plastic free packaging so that our packaging once discarded, cannot potentially impact the quality of our air, oceans, rivers or soil.

Respecting animals right to life

We respect animal life and the ecosystems that form the unique and diverse life on our planet. That’s why Blox is a 100% plant based, vegan brand.

We do not use genetically modified ingredients. Neither do we use plastic. This is to help to protect biodiversity and marine life.

with a mission to save the planet and take care of your health

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