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the history of bloxfoods.

The name BLOX, means building blocks for good food. Food that’s good for you and good for the planet. This was the vision for BLOX set out by its Anglo-Spanish founder Joanna Mobley.
“We wanted to create a new form of plant based food. A food of the future that was a delicious alternative to meat, but also healthy and genuinely sustainable. A food you could use in similar ways to beef, but 100% natural, based on fresh vegetable ingredients, high in sustainable protein and fibre, with less fat and naturally containing nutrients. No allergens, no chemical or modified ingredients, and without being heavily processed”. Thanks to collaboration with top Spanish chefs, nutritionists, farmers, and extensive research with consumers, athletes, schools, restaurants, hotels, and shops, BLOX food is now here.
“BLOX has become a geniune alternative to meat that can be produced in almost any country of the world through partnerships with local agriculture. BLOX supports our vision of being a good food, that positively supports local communities, respects animals right to life, and helps us fight climate change”.

It’s not meat, find out!

delicious, healthy, versatile…

100% natural, made with fresh vegetables.

Blox is a revolutionary brand of Spanish food that’s 100% plant based & natural, based on a fresh vegetable recipe. Blox not only offers a high quality alternative source of protein to animal meat, but also have a new way to enjoy vegetables. All in one delicious Blox. So with Blox we give you a new way of eating. Delicious, healthy and you can replace meat in infinite forms to enjoy a healthy life.

Delicious! Healthy!

blox ingredients

The main ingredients of blox are fresh vegetables, pea protein, bamboo fibre, and olive oil. Delicious, simple and healthy. BLOX is 100% natural and does not contain chemical ingredients, allergens, additives, or artificial flavourings, preservatives, emulsifiers, gums, added sugar, modified starches, GMOs, or palm oil.

(lBLOX dishes)

100% vegan

Have you noticed?

blox is the base

It’s easy to replace your ground beef with blox.

información nutricional

Blox is very close!

We are expanding now. If we aren’t in your city yet, ask your local store or restaurant to contact us, or you can visit our online store! We’lll do the rest! Check us out!

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